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All Natural Vegetarian Protein Powder

For those looking for optimum health, Nutribody Protein® is the answer. It's pure, nourishing blend of brown rice and pea proteins provide a sweet, smooth taste with no preservatives, additives, cholesterol, sugar, or GMOs. Easily digestible and 100% hypoallergenic, Nutribody Protein® is free of soy, wheat, dairy, and eggs – common food allergens that can cause immune reactions and intestinal distress. Unlike whey, Nutribody Protein® does not cause bloating, cramping, constipation or gas. It does not contribute to Aminoacidemia, a condition that can contribute to diabetes due to excessive amounts of amino acids present in the blood.

Nutribody Protein® can be used as a high protein meal replacement, to manage blood sugar, build muscle or for healthy weight loss. And, unlike most vegan proteins, we didn't compromise neutral taste. Nutribody Protein® is flavored with all-natural vanilla extracts from Madagascar and sweetened with Organic Stevia 97% RebA that has no bitter aftertaste. Nutribody Protein® works for a wide variety of dietary protein needs including:

Nutribody Protein® is also your complete source for protein information, revealing trusted research about protein types, what is protein, appropriate protein intake, concerns about protein and the bioavailability of protein.