"Most protein supplements I have tried were pasty and gritty, but Nutribody Protein® has a very nice vanilla fragrance and taste. It mixes well with juice and fruits and I feel full for a long time. Natural ingredients being used are important to me which is stated on the label. And it is good to know that you are getting 26 grams of protein."

Gabriele Lawson
Sunnyvale, CA

Meal Replacement Shake Senior Nutrition

A High Protein Meal For Active Adults
and Elderly

As we age, our bodies slowly lose the vital muscles we need for maintaining healthy, active lives to even being able to accomplish simple tasks like carrying groceries. And, although you may exercise till you are 95, research shows that exercise alone is not enough to maintain muscle. The simplest thing you can do to maintain your muscle mass is to get enough quality protein in your diet through a high protein meal, protein shake, or protein supplement. In fact, researchers at the University of Texas medical Branch at Galveston found that eating more protein can help seniors slow down muscle loss and stay strong (more so than exercise alone).

The study found that aging does not make a difference in how your body uses protein to build musclethe more protein you eat, the more muscle your body makes. This is vitally important for seniors' health since they tend to eat much less protein than the USDA recommends. For many of us, as we age, our appetites diminish. The net result is that older Americans are eating less protein than they need for proper health and senior nutrition.

One study, guided by 'Quality Nutrition Outcomes', revealed that up to 85% of older adults who live in nursing home facilities suffer from protein calorie malnutrition. Protein calorie malnutrition, or PCM, is defined as a severe protein deficiency or inadequate protein in the diet which leads to impaired cell-mediated immunity, delayed wound healing and loss of lean body mass. PCM can also influence quality of life (decreased eating levels, personal hygiene and toilet use) and psychosocial well-being (involvement in relationships). Understanding the relationship between quality of life and protein calorie malnutrition is becoming increasingly important for seniors.

Part of the reason why many adults eat less protein is because as we age, we have a harder time digesting food, especially proteins, because our bodies slowly lose the vital digestive enzymes needed to digest food. This creates indigestion, bloating, gas, constipation, and more. For seniors, the problem compounds when they have to deal with chronic illness that prevents them from cooking healthy meals, medications that cause loss of appetite, trouble chewing and swallowing due to dentures or cavities, or even frailty. Major loss of muscle itself can actually cause a loss of appetite due to changes in body chemistry.

A simple, easy way to maintain healthy muscle mass as we age is to supplement with protein. The key is to find a protein supplement that is healthy, easy to digest, non-allergenic, and is not loaded with tons of sugars, artificial sweeteners, cholesterol, and preservatives. Welcome to Nutribody Protein® – the first high protein supplement designed with adults in mind so that they can enjoy drinking an all natural protein shake every day. Of course, we say "enjoy" because as we age, our taste buds diminish, and taste is a major factor in making sure seniors keep eating healthy foods!

Why active adults should rely on Nutribody protein powder

First BioDigestible Protein: Most proteins on the market are made from whey, a by-product of the cheese manufacturing process. Although 45 per cent of the UK population claims they are lactose-intolerant, many more are equally allergic to dairy and dairy by-products. As people age, these allergies can increase making dairy products very difficult to digest without gas, bloating, and constipation. To avoid these digestive issues, we opted for a complete dairy-free protein and utilized only natural vegetable sources so that seniors can take this protein on an empty stomach, any time of day.

Helps Maintain Healthy Hormonal Balances: Many have been using soy protein as a means to avoid whey and egg. However, although soy is has nutrients and fiber, it can artificially boost estrogen levels and lead to hormonal imbalances, low thyroid output, allergies, and even decreased metabolism and possible weight gain and lowering of libido in men. It should be noted that in the orient, where soy has been used for thousands of years, it is not a primary protein source. It is merely a minor additive to soups and dishes. It is only in the past few years that soy milk, soy protein, and tofu have assumed a prominent role in the Western diet. To build muscle, soy is not an ideal choice because of its emphasis in the body on estrogen over testosterone and because it is highly allergenic.

All Natural Protein Health: Nutribody Protein® is one of the few natural protein powders on the market with absolutely no cholesterol. It also has no preservatives, additives, or GMOs. More striking is the unique advantages of using an Organic brown rice and Non-GMO pea protein blend. To explain, rice protein alone is not the best way to get a complete protein since it is high in cysteine and methionine, but tends to be low in lysine. Yellow pea protein, on the other hand, tends to be low in the sulfur containing amino acids, cysteine and methionine – but is high in lysine. The bottom line is that when used in combination, rice protein and yellow pea protein offer a Protein Efficiency Ratio that begins to rival dairy and egg, without the side-effects of gas and bloating. It is hypoallergenic, promotes the development of muscle, and keeps you satisfied for up to four hours.

Pleasant Neutral Taste: If you have been using protein for some time, you know that the typical chalky taste of protein powder is hard to swallow. Most people just get it down, or rely on protein supplements packed with artificial flavors and sweeteners or high levels of sugar. But for seniors who have diminished taste buds and even less taste response due to certain medications, illnesses such as Alzheimer's and diabetes, or even depression, the flavor of food becomes paramount in maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. We use a healthy plant sweetener that gives Nutribody Protein® powder a clean natural vanilla taste so that you can flavor it to your liking.

No Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners: Most proteins on the market are made with lots of sugar or artificial sweeteners to reduce the calories. For true health, especially when talking about nutrition for the elderly, we felt both ingredients give you unfavorable side-effects: sugar leads to excess unnecessary calories and insulin spikes while artificial sweeteners including aspartame and sucralose can potentially cause shrunken thymus glands, enlarged liver and kidneys, miscarriages, Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, lupus, breast cancer, lymphoma, seizures, and tremors. With seniors already battling the effects of age, why do we want to add to the challenge? Instead, we opted to utilize a clean, neutral taste that is all natural, has zero calories, and is non-glycemic:  a uniquely processed Organic Stevia 97% RebA, that has no bitter aftertaste.

Increased Circulation: To create a truly superior natural protein powder, we felt that it was vital to optimize your body’s utilization of that protein. We added citrulline malate, a salt form of the amino acid L-citrulline. Citrulline supports the body in optimizing blood flow through its conversion to L-arginine and then nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is involved in vasodilatation, and low levels are associated with mental and physical fatigue and sexual dysfunction. The malate, or malic acid, which is combined with the citrulline, is found in fruits such as apples and enhances the effects of citrulline. Used for over 20 years in Europe, extensive studies show that citrulline malate improves athletic performance and capacity by influencing lactic acid metabolism and reducing fatigue. French researchers reported in several human studies that blood lactate concentrations were reduced and ammonia elimination was increased after physical exertion. Rapid recovery from physical effort correlated to the disappearance of lactate from blood after performance at a high level of acidosis suggesting an essential role in acid-base balance.

For seniors, Nutribody Protein® powder is the perfect choice

There are many reasons for wanting to build muscle as you get older, but four stand out.

  1. More muscle in your legs and hips gives you better balance, which reduces your chances of falling as you get older.
  2. If you should fall, the more muscle you have surrounding your bones, the less likely you are to break them when you fall.
  3. The more muscle you have the stronger your bones are. The very existence of muscle in your body puts tension on your bones, which causes them to strengthen.
  4. Lack of strength compromises the quality of your life as you age. Having sufficient muscle and strength as you age to do the things you want to do without assistance is a sine qua non of a happy healthy life.

And of all the choices you have in terms of protein supplementation as you age, none is better for your body, tastes as good, has fewer side effects, and more effectively allows your body to build muscle mass than Nutribody Protein® powder. We hope you give us a try and see for yourself!