"I think this is a great product. Soy protein makes my stomach hurt and I get bad gas. Whey gives me a sore throat and I get congested. So there were not too many protein supplement options that I could use. This protein doesn't give me the side effects of soy or whey, plus it tastes great."

Dan Bowman
Professional Cyclist
KBS/M Pro Cycling Team

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Expertise Behind Nutribody Protein® Powder

Nutribody Protein® was created by a team of leading natural health enthusiasts and world-leading nutraceutical researcher and formulary consultant, Jon Barron. The Nutribody Protein® team worked with the Kelly Benefits / Medifast US Pro cycling team for two years to find a protein formula that fit their needs:

  • A protein supplement that does not cause any form of digestive distress before, during, or after a work-out such as bloating, gas, cramping, or constipation—conditions commonly associated with whey and soy.
  • A protein shake that is totally hypoallergenic.
  • A protein drink that digests quickly and easily.
  • A protein powder that tastes great and complements the flavors of a variety of fruits and/or could be used in just water or juice if needed.
  • A vegan protein with an optimized complete amino acid profile.
  • A healthy protein that could even be optimized for high muscle energy, improved ATP, and also reduced lactic acid build-up.
  • An all natural protein supplement that is low in cholesterol, contains no artificial sweeteners, and no sugar.

Due to Jon Barron’s extensive background in alternative health and supplement formulation (not to mention two years of continual refinement), he was able to create a protein supplement that not only meets the requirements of high performance athletes such as the members of the KBS Cycling Team, who are looking to build muscle, but is also ideally suited to anyone interested in losing weight or just improving their overall health–at any age.

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