"I have been using Nutribody Protein® every morning in a smoothie and/or before bed for a few weeks. With a little fruit juice and a banana, the protein shake tastes great, and since it has a slower absorption rate than egg and whey protein, I have noticed that I stay satisfied long after drinking it. That is great because I don't wake up hungry and my body can pull from it all night to rebuild and recover from intense exercise. Also, one protein container goes a long way and each serving is loaded with 26 grams of high quality, all natural protein. In a sport that demands so much energy, eating is a full time job. However, carbs are usually more available than good quality protein. I am seeing huge performance improvements now that I have increased my protein intake by nearly 30% with Nutribody Protein®. Great product!"

Ben King
Professional Cyclist
Junior National TT Winner
KBS Pro Cycling Team

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Hypoallergenic Nutribody Protein® Redefines The Protein Market With It's All Natural Protein Powder

Nutribody Protein® contains no dairy, soy, whey, cholesterol, sugar, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners.

(Porter Ranch, CA, 10/21/2008)-----In the continual search to find a healthy low-carb diet through extra daily protein, consumers wolf down millions of dollars worth of protein bars, soy snacks, and whey shakes. Despite the positive health expectations of longer-lasting energy and muscle building, many are suffering from the typical side effects of highly allergenic proteins: bloating, gas, acne, and immune reactions. Others who feast on whey protein are heading down the path of aminoacidemia, a condition caused by too many amino acids in the blood, too quickly, that may lead to diabetes. Still others are plagued by the ingredients in many unhealthy proteins: high cholesterol, sugar, artificial sweeteners, soy estrogens, preservatives, additives, etc. Nutribody Protein®, a completely new vegetarian / vegan approach to protein supplementation, plans to rock the market with its unique rice and pea protein blend coupled with its all-natural performance enhancing ingredients including Citrulline malate.

With so much research touting the benefits of a protein balanced diet, consumers still find it difficult to incorporate “healthy” protein in their diets. High meat/dairy intake can lead to cardio vascular disease and it comes complete with high levels of antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, an unhealthy ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids and saturated fat. Fish is loaded with mercury. Egg, soy, and dairy proteins are highly allergenic. Soy also blocks the absorption of important minerals such as calcium unless the phytates have been removed, and soy contains high levels of phytoestrogens. Even more troublesome, unless it has been fermented, soy protein contains potent enzyme inhibitors that block the action of trypsin and other enzymes needed for protein digestion. Even worse, most protein bars, drinks, and supplements are made with cheap soy and dairy protein so consumers have little choice when looking for a healthy protein.

Working in tandem with one of America’s top Pro Cycling Teams, KBS/M, Perfected Nutrients™, a new functional food and beverage company, has taken a whole new approach to protein consumption by creating a convenient, tasty, protein powder uniquely blended with specially sourced brown rice protein and yellow pea protein. Although rice protein has been on the market for years now, it is low in lysine, an essential amino acid needed to make a complete protein, and many consumers complained about the chalky texture and taste. However, when the right rice protein is combined with optimized yellow pea protein, which is high in lysine, the combination offers a Protein Efficiency Ratio that begins to rival dairy and egg -- but without their potential to promote allergic reactions. And, the pea protein actually gives a smoother texture to the drink and a sweeter taste!

Stacked with 25 grams of protein per serving, Nutribody Protein®'s complete protein formula comes to the market at a perfect time as escalating reports from the National Institutes of Health and other governmental institutions warn that allergies to foods is an emerging public health problem. According to the International Journal of Dairy Technology, the number of Americans with food allergies has increased in recent years from approximately six million to 12 million. The most common food allergies involve milk, eggs, wheat and soy.

Perfected Nutrients also noticed this trend when working with top athletes who complained that bloating, gas, cramping, and constipation were hindering their performance. The combined research prompted the company to rely on a totally hypoallergenic source of vegan protein that still offered a complete amino acid profile. An optimized blend of Rice and Pea protein was the answer. Not only is rice/pea protein hypoallergenic, but studies suggest that diets high in rice protein can help protect against atherosclerosis by increasing blood levels of nitric oxide.

Apparently, dairy (whey) protein can be the culprit in more than just allergies. In a recent major Harvard study, published in the June issue of the journal Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, Harvard researchers found that even though most of the subjects drank low-fat milk, the more milk kids drank, the faster they gained weight. In fact, kids who drank more than three glasses of milk a day increased their odds of becoming overweight by 35 percent! This should be extremely disconcerting to consumers everywhere, as it was to America’s top cyclists who rely on extremely lean muscle -- and many reported a profound improvement withNutribody Protein®’s vegan protein:

“Nutribody Protein® is more filling than other proteins, so it’s perfect for controlling hunger throughout the day. Right now I am my leanest ever in terms of body fat, but have retained all my muscle mass due to proper supplementation of Nutribody Protein®,” said Andrew Bajadali, one of the world’s top cyclists, and a member of the Kelly Benefits/M Pro Cycling Team. Other cyclists are also noticing incredible improvements in recovery and lactic acid removal. How can one protein product do all this?

Not Just Another Protein Supplement

Not only does Nutribody Protein® powder offer one of the most complete, healthy protein sources in the world, but two expensive ingredients added to the formula make Nutribody Protein® one of the highest quality proteins on the market. Lead by nutrition formulary expert Jon Barron, the product designers of Nutribody Protein® further perfected the formula by adding high oleic, monounsaturated, sunflower oil powder for maximum protein utilization and citrulline malate, a salt form of the amino acid L-citrulline.

Citrulline malate is found in fruits such as apples; the amino acid boosts full blown body energy, improving aerobic performance and capacity by influencing lactic acid metabolism, and reducing fatigue. Studies in Europe, where citrulline malate has been used for over 20 years, demonstrate reduction in mental and physical fatigue and exhaustion in geriatric and post-surgery patients. It has also been shown to augment muscle energy, improve ATP and phosphocreatine recovery, and increase nitric oxide production. (resources listed: http://www.nutribodyprotein.com/ingredient-research.php)

“More consumers are demanding higher quality, healthier products but are having a hard time trusting what products truly stack up to their marketing hype. Not only does Nutribody Protein® stack up, but it offers more than what consumers would ever expect from a typical protein product,” said Jon Barron, Nutribody Protein®’s product designer and world-renown nutraceutical formulator. For all these reasons above, the all natural Nutribody Protein® shake enters the market at a critical time, and offers the perfect solution for those who want to:

  • Use a healthy protein alternative to soy & whey.
  • Increase protein intake to help with weight loss & building lean muscle.
  • Regain lost muscle mass as the result of aging or prolonged illness.
  • Sustain energy levels throughout the day.
  • Avoid allergic reactions: for the growing majority of those who suffer from lactose intolerance to milk and soy allergies which leaves many feeling bloated, with cramping and gas.
  • Enjoy an all-natural protein source: free of additives, pesticides, allergens, growth hormones, sugar, salt, cholesterol, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, corn, yeast, coloring, antibiotics, and more.

In short, Nutribody Protein® powder provides all of the good, none of the bad, and is even optimized.

Reid Mumford, a professional cyclist and member of the internationally known KBS/M Pro Cycling Team has been using Nutribody Protein® throughout his training and says, “Nutribody Protein® is one of the best proteins I have ever used. At the Tour of Missouri, Nutribody Protein® helped fuel my 100 mile break-away. It mixes well while on the road and tastes great. Even after a hard day of racing, my legs do not feel heavy or blocked, but really open up.”

About Perfected Nutrients:
Nutribody Protein® was created Perfected Nutrients, a functional food and beverage company dedicated to offering superior health foods. Their first product formulation, Nutribody Protein®, was developed by a team of leading natural health enthusiasts and led by world-leading nutraceutical researcher and formulary consultant, Jon Barron. The Nutribody Protein® team worked with the Kelly Benefits / Medifast US Pro cycling team for two years to find a protein formula that fit their needs. Perfected Nutrients is a wholly-owned division of Tiger Launch Strategies.