"Using Nutribody Protein® as a meal enhancement for the past 6 weeks, I was able to lower my body weight from 216 pounds to 201 pounds while maintaining my muscle and strength. How I did it; I would eat three small meals throughout the day to limit my caloric and carb intake and use Nutribody Protein® in-between breakfast and lunch, as well as lunch and dinner. Nutribody Protein® provided me with the protein and nutrition I needed to lose body fat without compromising my muscle and strength. I can easily say that this protein gave me stamina and energy. While working out I was able to push further due to lack of lactic acid build up in my muscle; resulting in a better muscle pump."

Richard Parr
Deputy Sheriff

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Nutribody Protein® is now part of Baseline Nutritionals®

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Introducing Baseline Nutritionals'® Nutribody Protein®!  When you buy at Baseline Nutritionals®, you can now enjoy the following benefits:

  • New and Improved formula
  • Volume pricing discounts

New Formula

Nutribody Protein® is still the same remarkable, hypoallergenic, all-vegetarian, high-protein formula. New and Improved: Now with ultra-low-heavy-metal, organic sprouted brown rice and certified organic pea protein. Lighter color and an enhanced natural vanilla flavor. The end result is a vegan, BioDigestible, Kosher Protein with the following benefits:

  • The Lo Han Guo is now replaced by a special form of organic stevia that has no bitter aftertaste.
  • The medium chain triglycerides used to help digest protein are now a high oleic monounsaturated fat, sunflower oil powder, one of the healthiest fats known. Studies show that monounsaturated fats help reduce belly fat, increase weight loss, and promote proteins that induce the survival, development, and function of neurons!
  • We now use a Kosher rice protein source, which increased the scoop size along with a corresponding increase in container weight.

The net result is a formula that not only is healthier, but tastes even better than before.


One of the main reasons for bringing Nutribody Protein® into Baseline Nutritionals® was to give you a more convenient, affordable shopping experience. The vast majority of Nutribody Protein® customers are also Baseline Nutritionals’® customers, and they found it inconvenient and more expensive to have to order from two separate companies. The new pricing works as follows:

  • The retail price of single canisters of Nutribody Protein® is $49.95 per canister.
  • Baseline Nutritionals® ships to more countries.
  • And finally, your purchase of Nutribody Protein® now qualifies you for monthly specials and discounts from Baseline Nutritionals®.

Nutribody Protein® and Baseline Nutritionals® appreciate the continued support of each and every customer.  In return, we hope you truly enjoy these new product and online shopping benefits!