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Nutribody Protein® Powder Endorsements

Below you will find several testimonials ranging from professional athletes to every day people who are raving about Nutribody Protein® Powder:


"I have tried every type of protein supplement out there, but all of them caused bloating and gas, and even adult acne! I never noticed it immediately, but after taking most protein powders for a few days, the symptoms would appear. Nutribody Protein® was the first vegan protein I have ever tried and it had no uncomfortable effects! I tried the plain rice protein, but it tasted like cardboard. Nutribody Protein® tasted phenomenal with almost every protein shake recipe I like! As a natural, vegetarian protein, this is the best protein meal replacement available."

Shelly Keller
San Jose, CA


"Using Nutribody Protein® as a meal enhancement for the past 6 weeks. I was able to lower my body weight from 216 pounds to 201 pound while maintaining my muscle and strength. How I did it. I would eat three small meals through out the day to limit my caloric and carb intake and use Nutribody Protein® in between breakfast and lunch, as well as lunch and dinner. Nutribody Protein® protein provided me with the protein and nutrition I needed to lose body fat without compromising my muscle and strength. I can easily say that this protein gave me stamina and energy. While working out I was able to push farther due to lack of lactic acid build up in my muscle resulting in a better muscle pump."

Richard Parr
Deputy Sheriff


Dan Bowman"I think this is a great protein supplement. Soy protein makes my stomach hurt and I get bad gas. Whey gives me a sore throat and I get congested. So there were not too many protein supplements I could use. This protein powder doesn't give me the side effects of soy or whey, plus it tastes great."

Dan Bowman
Professional Cyclist
KBS/Medifast Pro Cycling Team



Andrew BajadaliNutribody Protein® has been great. I have been using it as a protein meal replacement along with some carbs to create a balanced meal. This natural protein powder is more filling than other protein supplements, so it's perfect for controlling hunger throughout the day. Right now I am at my leanest ever in terms of body fat, but continue to build muscle mass due to proper supplementation of Nutribody Protein®. I certainly have seen an improvement in performance from Nutribody Protein!

Andrew Bajadali
Professional Cyclist
KBS/Medifast Pro Cycling Team


“For me, Nutribody Protein® is the perfect protein supplement. It contains no milk, whey, or egg proteins, which I’m sensitive to and make me feel 'blocked' when I work out. It’s free of artificial colors, preservatives, sugar substitutes, cholesterol, etc., which is important to my long term health, considering the amount of supplemental protein that I consume for building muscle, losing weight, and maintaining endurance. Even better, it tastes great!”

Jonas Carney
Performance Director
KBS/Medifast Pro Cycling Team


Ben King"I have been using Nutribody Protein® every morning in a smoothie and/or before bed for a few weeks. With a little fruit juice and a banana it tastes great, and since it has a slower absorption rate than egg and whey protein, I have noticed that I stay satisfied long after drinking it. That is great because I don't wake up hungry and my body can pull from it all night to rebuild and recover from intense exercise. Also, one protein container goes a long way and each serving is loaded with 26 grams of high quality protein. In a sport that demands so much energy, eating is a full time job. However, carbs are usually more available than good quality protein. I expect to see huge performance improvements now that I have increased my protein intake by nearly 30% with Nutribody Protein®. Great product!"

Ben King
Professional Cyclist
Junior National TT Winner
KBS/Medifast Pro Cyclin

g Team

"The problem with using protein powders and smoothies for weight loss is that you're always hungry an hour after you drink them. It makes it impossible to maintain a natural weight loss program for more than one or two days. With Nutribody Protein®, however, I feel comfortably satisfied and energized for 3-4 hours. That makes program maintenance easy. On Nutribody Protein®, I can comfortably lose 10 lbs in a month -- and keep it off."

Mike J.
Los Angeles, CA

"I had no idea that a rice and pea protein shake could taste so good! I normally tried to get my daily protein requirements through food, but the taste of this protein shake alone generated a new favorite treat in my daily routine. Coupled with the fact that I didn't feel the slightest discomfort after consuming my drink. This scrumptious formula gave me the sustained energy that I had hoped I would get without the downfalls of typical protein products!"

Moriah P.
Newark, CA


"Unlike other protein supplements that are pasty and gritty, Nutribody Protein® has a neutral taste and texture. I use it as a high protein meal for all natural weight loss. I love the rice and pea protein combination for a complete amino acid protein, 25 grams of natural protein too! More importantly, I am pre-diabetic so I am especially happy that I don't have to worry about aminoacidmemia from whey!"

Gabriele Lawson
Sunnyvale, CA


"Having been an amateur bodybuilder for roughly 4 years now, I can say that I've probably tried every brand of protein on the market. Whey protein always left me feeling bloated, gassy, and lacking performance at the gym. When I discovered Nutribody Protein® at first, I was skeptical of a vegan protein but once I started using this muscle building formula, I was absolutely shocked! No more bloating, no more gas, my performance was at an all time high and my recovery times were outstanding. Not to mention that Nutribody Protein® didn't include any cholesterol, artificial sweeteners, sugar, and very little carbs. Speaking from a bodybuilder's perspective or anyone who seeks sheer performance, Nutribody Protein® is undoubtedly the way to go! I can't say enough good things about this product!"

Chris Jackson
Scottsdale, AZ


"I have been using whey protein for weight loss for years now, but Nutribody Protein® tasted so incredible that I am going to switch to this daily formula. I found that the whey protein did not sustain me and my appetite was ravenous within an hour and a half of drinking it. I also felt bloated, even though I use lactose free mile. I like the Nutribody Protein® as it's smoother,really tastes like a smoothie, doesn't give me a bloating feeling, and I manage to hold off 2-3 hours before getting any hunger pains. The slower metabolizing proteins within Nutribody Protein® makes this product far superior for weight loss needs. I almost feel a tinge of guilt drinking it, thinking 'It has to be fattening!' But my energy level remains constant, and that is worth every penny!"

Andrea Martone
New York, New York


"I am 93 years old and can't eat anything anymore. I can't digest the foods I use to love to eat so I am stuck eating bland, boring meals. My doctor said I needed to use a high protein meal replacement, but I could not handle the whey proteins due to the bad cramping and constipation. I also had to watch my cholesterol. Not only did Nutribody Protein® taste really good with no cholesterol, but I had no digestive problems. I also notice that I have more energy and can work in my wood shop again!"

Frank Kauffman
Saratoga, CA


"When it comes to delivering a powerful dose of protein (25 grams per serving) through a low glycemic, easy to digest and down right delicious protein powder drink, Nutribody Protein® stands in a class of it’s own. I’ve relied on soy, rice, and whey protein drink mixes for that extra energy boost throughout my 20 + years as a health and fitness advisor but none of these delivered the amount of sheer energy I feel from Nutribody Protein®. Their blend of brown rice and pea protein is a proven winner and the easiest to work with protein drink supplement I have found. I would recommend Nutribody Protein® to anyone looking for an easily digestible, pure vegetarian protein source that tastes great even in water."

Rick Carlton
Biosync Personal Trainer


"Thanks for a great product. Having entered my middle years (age 49) I have found it a struggle to lose weight. While I am not considered to be overweight, I would still like to fit into the clothes now stored away.

Over the last eight years my weight has crept up from 150 lbs to 176. People say, "You're not fat." But I could tell by the way I felt that it just wasn't right. I stopped snacking at night which stopped the weight gain; but to lose weight was nearly impossible. I could never go below 172. No matter what I did, it seemed 172 was the absolute limit.

Then I tried Nutribody Protein®. I finally had cracked the barrier. Now after about five weeks I am down to 166. The encouragement that comes along with it only fuels me more to keep on trying. I'm not sure how close I'll come to that original 150 lbs but I am seeing results that a few weeks ago seemed unreachable. Thanks again."

Lesley Farley
Coal City, West Virginia


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